This is Not a Drill

Nurse Frost Stays Prepared for All Possibilities


Deana Trautz

Nurse Frost keeps water, medicine and other supplies that may be needed during a school drill.

Deana Trautz, Reporter

Though teachers are notified prior to most drills, Nurse Tara Frost must be prepared for anything that could happen. Whether it may be a bee sting or diabetic shock, she comes ready with a prepacked wagon containing supplies such as water jugs, emergency medicine, juice, first aid and an AED (defibrillator). She says it stays kept under the table by the door, accessible for each drill, because they could last from just five minutes to two hours, and in that time she must gear for the any possibility.

“It is the minute you are not prepared that you are going to need something and it will be important,” Frost said.

She pointed at a small black bag, saying that it was all she used when she started working here.

“I have to think, what would we need if we are going to be outside the clinic for an hour and a half.”