Top 5 Breakfast Stops Before School

Emilee Guernsey, Editor-in-chief

Many students are rushing out the door on the hectic school mornings and forget to grab breakfast. Luckily, Cedar Park has a multitude of breakfast joints that you can make a quick pit stop at before heading off to school.

1. Natalie’s Donuts – This tasteful breakfast spot has freshly made donuts and breakfast tacos at the ready. The service is quick, and every food option is laid out in front of you for an easy pick. You can be in and out within five minutes.

2. Roaster’s – The family owned coffee shop provides students with delectable coffee and smoothies everyday. If you’re not a fan of Starbucks, Roaster’s is the place for you. Grab a coffee and a muffin and you’re set.

3. Smokey Mo’s – The proud sponsor of Cedar Park has some delicious breakfast tacos prepared and warmed up for everybody. Go in and choose your favorites, and leave in a jiffy.

4. Whataburger – The infamous fast food restaurant; the emblem of all of CP. Come here and enjoy pancakes, hash browns, biscuits and the notorious honey butter chicken biscuit. The sugar is bound to get you up and ready for the day.

5. Starbucks – If you’re just looking for some coffee and maybe a pastry, Starbucks is the place for you. You can get your overpriced drinks and be on your way.