Uncovering the Passion

Junior Juggles Between HOSA, WISE, Environmental Club, Dance and School


Photo courtesy of Hemani Goje

The UT Observatory is one of the trips that WISE went to to learn more about space. They explored the UT campus and for the first time, they saw Jupiter through a telescope. “It was really cool to see Jupiter through the telescope while it was moving,” Goje said.

Rachana Kommineni, Reporter

Junior year is the toughest. It’s the year before everyone starts sending out college applications, so grades matter the most. However, junior Hemani Goje has managed to keep up her grades, as well as participating in numerous clubs for the past couple of years. This year, she has been the president of WISE, vice president of the T-Wolves for the Environment, tutoring officer of Music United, the treasurer for HOSA and teaches and studies at Sargam Dance School.

Goje said she is an advocate for women in science and has a true passion for serving in the healthcare field. 

“I chose WISE because I like to believe that I am a woman in science and I work with these amazing women in my classes every day,” Goje said. “Being the president of WISE helps me continue some of the plans the officers had last year.”

She also feels like being in WISE has made her feel like she is doing something about her passions in the world and the impact the whole organization makes on the community, and she is very grateful to be a part of it.

“I strive to make the impact bigger,” Goje said. 

She said that going into the healthcare field, she can be the one comforting people who need help, and make them feel how she felt when she was in the hospital. 

“I hope that I can make an impact on the bad news being delivered to patients now by reducing it,” Goje said. 

HOSA has been something that she has always been interested in because she is passionate about the healthcare field, she said. She also ran for treasurer because she is good at numbers and dealing with details.

“I chose HOSA because I heard that it would give me opportunities to explore careers, skills and give me a head start to college,” Goje said. “I ran for the treasurer position because it was something that suited me and I have a background in keeping account of finances.”

Goje said she fell in love with health care when she spent a lot of her time with a loved one in a hospital. The faculty there made her feel at home and she felt very comforted.

“Every time I saw them, it was like there was hope, and the sorrow in their eyes when they had bad news was something I will never forget,” Goje said.