5/3/16 News Briefs

Jake Herrick, Reporter

Freshman Lance White was the recipient of LISD’s  Make-A-Wish Foundation. Lance’s Wish was to give all proceeds of the award to to the Dell Children’s Hospital. There will be a celebration at the CPHS cafeteria May 21.

The CPHS talent show will be on May 20th here is your line up;

Nathaniel Carrasquillo
Maddie Frost
Zach Garcia and Kelsey Nelson
Justin Hoar
Abby Holtfort
Elena Ivanova and Jennifer lai
Zach Post
Cooper Rigney
Kinsey Tumlinson
Savannah Theisen
Brandon Weyer
Matthew White
Alex Vu

Get ready to see these people preform and wish them good luck if or when you see them.