A week of kindness

Chris Collins

All we need is love here at CPHS and that is why Feb. 11 through Feb. 15 held a week of kindness. Just like schools have organizations against bullying and hate, such as C squared or No Place For Hate, this week was designed to promote kindness and to snub out hate.

On Monday it was “Feed the Good Wolf” with an introduction video played during den.

Tuesday was “If you love the Timberwolves, show your spirit!” where students dressed in green, black, and white,  cheered the Boys Basketball team to victory at their playoff game and Project Graduation pre-sales for Valentine’s Day.

Wednesday it was “Brighten a Life” where you dressed in bright and or neon colors, wrote a positive letter for a friend during lunch, as well as the Project Grad pre-sales for Valentine’s Day.

Thursday was “If you believe in TimberLove, show your heart!” where students dressed in red, pink and white. Also there were Project Grad Valentine’s deliveries during second period.

On Friday it was “Kindness is Groovy!”  when students dressed in 1960’s retro gear.