Boy’s Soccer Prepares for Round 3 of Playoffs


The Cedar Park varsity men’s soccer team faces off against Marble Falls on April 5 in round 3 of soccer playoffs.

Noah Hedges, Reporter

Blood, sweat and tears is a saying that is used to describe something that is hard to do and involves a lot of effort, according to Collins dictionary. Here at Cedar Park, this saying runs deep with our sports teams, as our Varsity Boys soccer team plans to run deeper into the playoffs and win tonight’s game against Marble Falls.

The playoffs for soccer and football are a different, where for football, each team plays one game a week with a full week of preparation. Though, for soccer, the games are every Tuesday and Friday. The team is coming fresh off of an Overtime win in Round 2 against Willis, 2-0, on Tuesday, April 2.

Junior Tammer Alzer, a player who donned the number six jersey during the football season, hung up his football helmet and laced up his soccer cleats as a leading forward on the team. The atmosphere that’s created in a tough game is one that not many people get to experience, according to Alzer.

“We know that the men’s soccer team making it to round three hasn’t happened in 14 years,” Alzer said. “Our energy is high and we are 100 percent locked in on executing the game plan we have set to come out with the win.”

Previously this season, the team has faced off against Marble Falls twice already, winning 3-1 on Feb. 15, and losing 5-0 on March 12. Both of these games have allowed the team to study film and learn how Marble Falls plays.

“We’ve played Marble Falls before and we know what to expect,” Alzer said. “We feel prepared going into this game with the same preparation we go through week by week.”

Senior defender Stryder Laster, who has been a part of the soccer program for four years, is ready to make his last year memorable, according to Laster.

“Our mindset going into this game is to stay united as a team and play for the guy next to you,” Laster said. “It is also important to put everything you have onto the field. Our energy has been very high because we’re farther into the playoffs than we have been in past years, but we aren’t satisfied. We have a high energy to keep winning and go for a state title.”

Being that it is the first time the men’s soccer team has made it to the third round in 14 years, tonight’s game is going to be a fun one to watch, as the whole team will be fighting for a spot in the regional tournament.