Bring your shades, talent show full of stars

Chris Collins

Lights, Camera, Talent! This Friday, Apr. 20, the Cedar Park talent show will be opening at 7:00 p.m. in the PAC. Tickets for the event went on sale Tuesday and are available in the cafeteria or at the door of the event, both for the price of $5.

There are fifteen acts, ranging from comedy skits to singing and dancing.  The judges of the event will be Coach Graham, Ms. Iskra, and Dr. McPherson. Acts include:

Erin Delony and Neg Tambe

Meg Groves

Ben Harral

Dave Hawks and Justin Burke

Charles Hooper

Garret Long and Helen Kassa

Courtney McCarthy and Emily Grant

Giorgie McCreary

Amber McMillan

Marie Pearce

Katie Seesselberg

Paige Seuthe and Chai Murphy

Raquel Stansbury

Black Tea

Garret Thiltgen

Victoria Uribe and Kevin Vu

Lindsey Koski, junior and director of the Talent Show, says that the event will be “as good as it can be” this year, so come on out Friday night and watch the acts begin.