Cans & Community

Miranda Campbell

Trunk or Treat is a student led festival held in order to raise canned food for the canned food drive. Clubs and organizations come together to create games for children to enjoy in a safe environment. The only fee for entering is a can of food.

Mu Alpha Theta created a “Pi” walk where children danced in a circle consisting of the Pi numbers. President of the club, junior Sara Samani, described the experience as a “priceless moment” because she was able to see the joy and happiness of the children dancing with pie.

Another Club that put on a game for children to enjoy was DECA. The members of DECA created a fishing for candy game that really attracted kids to their trunk.

“It was really fun to teach the kids how to fish for candy,” DECA Vice President, Mason Berk said.

A fundraiser that asks for only canned food as an entrance fee is a good tactic for bringing in more cans. Because the canned food drive feeds those in need, most people are willing to offer their help in any way possible.

“Allowing the community to get involved with our school’s canned food drive was a great way to collect more cans,” Samani said. “Everyone was really supportive.”

Also, holding a non-profit fundraiser is an easy way to bring the community of Cedar Park and CPHS together. Aiding families and people in need is a good way to obtain help from outside sources.

“Communities tend to support their local public schools to show that they are active members of their community,” Berk said.

Brent Grissom, AVID Club and NHS sponsor, invites to kids to dig in the small sand pit for treats at the “Buried Treasure” booth during Trunk or Treat on Oct. 27. Photo by Lauren Kriss










Junior Alanis Guevara and otehr PALs host a photo booth where kids could get their picture taken on the hay bales and with a scarecrow. Photo by Lauren Kriss