Cedar Park alters crest flag tradition


Alexandra Rima

The school’s crest flags hang on the upper walls of the library. “I like it,” 2014 graduate Luis Martinez said. “It makes me feel like I’m still a part of the 2014 class.”

Lexi Rima, Reporter

The library here at CPHS is home to not only books, computers, and other educational tools, but also decorative crest flags that line its upper walls. According to the school librarian, Mrs. Barnes, these crest flags represent each senior class over the years of our school.

“The officers of each senior class design a crest and with the help of the art department, create a flag/banner,” Barnes said. “[Each year’s class flag] will be displayed on stage at graduation before it is mounted in the library.”

Because the crest flags are representative of seniors, they include specifics unique to the class to which they pertain.

“Each crest is specific to that senior class,” Barnes said. “For example, last year’s senior class included a Lone Star Cup since CPHS was awarded this honor.”

The creation of these crest flags is not a new one.

“The first crest was designed by the class of 2001,” Barnes said. “[2001 was] the first graduating class from CPHS.”

The way in which the senior class decides certain portions of their crest flag, however, is new.

“In the spring semester, faculty and students will receive a survey in their email,” Barnes said. “[The email will tally a] vote on different options for how/where to display this year’s senior class’s crest and those in the future.”

According to Barnes, these crest flags are a positive addition to each senior class.

“I think the crests add history and tradition,” Barnes said. “Each class gets to leave a little piece of itself – a legacy – for future students.”

Students’ view on the crest flags are also similar to Barnes’s. One senior, Daniel Matas, sees the crest flags as a positive feature of each CPHS senior class.

“I think it’s a cool tradition to have each class have a unique thing to leave behind,” Matas said. “It’s a good idea and I can’t wait to see the one for my class.”

While the crest flags represent only seniors, student in other grades, like junior Dylan Gatliff, are excited about their year’s flag too.

“They remind me of Harry Potter prep school,” Gatliff said. “It would actually be very nice to work together on it.”