Cedar Park Rallies Around Mrs. Lowe

Hannah Jane Deciutiis

There are millions of people in need around the world. Illness and injury are common facets of daily life but it is still an unexpectedly difficult experience to witness a beloved friend or family member undergo a severe medical hardship. Such an unhappy occasion has arisen in the case of Danielle Lowe, AP Secretary, who was recently diagnosed with leukemia within weeks of the birth of her son. Students of Cedar Park High School and Leander ISD have joined together to help Mrs. Lowe, coming up with various ways to offer help and support for her and her family during this challenging time.

Lowe was diagnosed with leukemia before Christmas and was admitted to the hospital within two days of her diagnosis. Those closest to Lowe immediately jumped into action, offering up their services in any way they could.

Tami Beall, HOSA sponsor, was a crucial part of setting up the blood drive that was held to aid Lowe and give her credits for the blood she would need.  These credits could then be applied to a Mrs. Lowe’s hospital account to offset the replacement deposit fee charged when the blood is used and helps to reduce the overall cost of treatment. A previous blood drive was held during the fall semester and the previously obtained units were also added as credit for Lowe; the outcome was significant.

“The response was has been enormous. We had Leander and Vista Ridge [offering] their blood drive credits,” Linda Weaver, administrative assistant, said.

News quickly spread throughout Cedar Park and Leander ISD about Lowe’s condition. Various clubs and organizations offered up what they could to help the Lowe family. The Wolf Mart donated profits from January 14 which totaled nearly $175, and Penguin National Guard held a benefit show that same evening and raised $330. Student Council donated $250 from their care account, which is an account set up specifically for situations such as this. Culinary classes even pitched in by making meals for Lowe and her family.

“I think it’s awesome to watch the whole school come together for one of our own,” Chad Perkins, senior, said.

There are still more ways that students can give their support to the Lowe family. Lowe recently gave birth to a baby boy, and donations of size 3 diapers and Enfamil baby formula have been called for; these items can all be turned in to the front office.

“You can donate cash or any necessary items for the family,” Edwina Hayden, Assistant Principal, said. “They can be donated through the school office or any of the clubs, but the biggest need is financial.”

There will be another blood drive March 25 for those that were not able to donate in January, and students are encouraged to offer what assistance they can to such a beloved member of the staff.

“I think it’s a great community showing,” Beall said. “She is a wonderful person.”

Cedar Park High School has proven that they are willing to extend a helping hand to those in need. Students and faculty of Cedar Park and throughout Leander ISD wish Ms. Lowe a speedy recovery and hope to have her back on the campus healthy again soon.