Celebs make time for Timeless Classics


Heather Sieger

Dancing to the Beach Boys, juniors Cassidy Cadena and Caroline Woodall dance to the song “Fun, Fun, Fun” at the Spring Show on Apr. 30. The dance had all the juniors on the Celebrities team dancing together. “It was really exciting and fun dancing to the song,” Cadena said. “My favorite part of the dance was when I was lifted in the air by Mason Parker, I was really nervous about the timing but it all worked out really well.”

Janet Nava, Reporter

After three days of performances, the Cedar Park Celebrities Spring Show came to an end on May 2. The performances started on Apr. 30 and the theme was Timeless Classics. One of the sets was based on the famous eighties’ movie “Dirty Dancing,” and was the best routine according to junior Jessie Thiemann.

“Oh my gosh, it was so much fun,” Thiemann said. “I had only seen the movie once, so it was fun to see the movie and then choreograph the routine from that. Then having us all in the triangle and then all spread out, I don’t know how to describe it because it was just so amazing.”

The showcase also included a performance by the Celebrities’ escorts called the “Guy’s Dance.” The dance consisted of the guys performing a routine and then a freestyle dance towards the end. The end of the dance included a stunt where the boys picked each other up or did back-flips off the stage.

“I found it so hilarious, this is the first time they’ve done this and they didn’t even remember the full dance,” junior celebrity Hope Lyle said. “The dance is so funny. I had to dance on the wings so the guys wouldn’t forget their choreography. Having them dance was completely ridiculous and funny.”

The performances of the night also included dances from dances companies, like MUV, and a performance from the school Jazz Band on Friday night.

“The dance company performers especially know what they’re doing,” sophomore manager Erin McFarland said. “They dance 40 hours a week, so they’re definitely the real professionals. The band has always seemed to bring in a lot of people, it’s nice that they come out and support all of us.”

The next showcase is the MUV showcase on the last day of school, Jun. 6. The Cedar Park Celebrities will be hosting the showcase in the PAC and will be free to the public.