College Board provides new options for incoming juniors

Emilee Guernsey, Reporter

As the school year gradually gets closer and closer to the end, the counselors are focusing on next year schedules. Every grade, excluding seniors, have been taken into the PAC to listen to an assembly about classes to take next year. Some classes are new, and some old. But, the one that has been brought up the most is College Board’s AP Capstone. It is being offered for incoming juniors.

College Board asked multiple colleges such as, Harvard, Stanford, etc. to see what they thought was necessary for incoming freshman to know and understand, Capstone was the answer.

So what actually is Capstone?

It is a class that explores the educational and realistic topics by looking at them through different perspectives. Being able to take things apart and look at certain key points individually. Some of the few topics that students will look at is literary and philosophical texts, listening and viewing speeches, broadcasts etc. Students will then make different connections based on the opinion that they have viewed.

Capstone teaches students how to interact and work with others, as well as see things through different eyes.

“AP Capstone prepares students for college and career success, while providing them an opportunity to explore current issues and topics in great depth,” Principal John Sloan stated in a press release. “Our teachers benefit from a flexible curriculum which allows for challenging course work and the development of important skills.”

The students who complete the course and receive a 3 or higher on the AP exam will receive the AP Capstone Diploma. The class provides students with a good understanding of the attributes that colleges want incoming freshman to have.

Senior vice president for AP and Instruction at the College Board said,

“We are proud to offer AP Capstone, which enables students and teachers to focus on topics of their choice in great depth,” Senior Vice President for AP and Instruction at the College Board said. “This provides terrific opportunities for students to develop the ability to write and present their work effectively, individually, and in groups – the very skills college professors want their students to possess.”