CP crashes Westwood’s homecoming


Whittney King

Junior running back #27 Hayden Craig takes off towards the in-zone to score for CP. “It was fun to have my first touchdown of the year,” Craig said. “It was awesome to be able to put up points on the scoreboard.”

Emilee Guernsey, Editor

Adding a 4th year to the winning streak, CPFB dominated Westwood, 56-6 on Sep. 10. Even though the game was on a Thursday night, the student section was still full of cheering fans, and the team played just as well as they would on a Friday night.

The first series showed the defense’s strength with freshman wide receiver #7 Elisha Guidry almost getting an interception off Westwood, and a crowd-pleasing hit from senior defensive back #14 Collin Kramr.

“We [defense] played well as a unit,” Kramr said. “We communicated our calls and were just flying around making plays.”

CPFB prepared for this game with rigorous practices, according to junior running back #31 Tyler Lavine.

“We prepared mentally through film,” Lavine said. “We prepared physically through the hard, good practices we had.”

There were a couple of holding calls, and in the past few games the team has struggled with these kinds of penalties. Junior running back #27 Hayden Craig, noticed the penalties and believes that they have become more cautious during plays in order to not get flags thrown.

“I thought it [penalties] was better, but I felt some of the penalties were bad calls,” Craig said. “It was much better than in past games.”

For the games to come, the team is focusing on cleaning up the mistakes they’ve been making through each game, according to Craig.

“We are also focusing on making adjustments to Dripping Spring’s offense and defense, so we can dominate them,” Craig said.

Moving forward to Friday’s Homecoming game, CPFB is practicing hard to redeem themselves from the lost last year against Drip.

“I believe that if we play the way we know how, we can beat anyone in the state, and reach our goal of being 16-0,” Kramr said.