CP is No Place for Hate

Paige Parks

On Nov. 1, five Cedar Park students made a trip to Leander High School to participate in a No Place for Hate Forum. Meant to strategize new ways to combat bullying and promote kindness in school, the forum lasted all day. With many schools ranging from elementary to high school in attendance, the forum was an open environment for all ages.

“It was really fun to collaborate with other people from other No Place for Hate organizations,” No Place for Hate club president Monica Harkins said. “Since we are all striving towards the same goal, it was a very open environment.”

The forum was only the beginning for CPHS No Place for Hate, with many events in the works.

“Our goal is to have an activity every month that raises awareness to bullying and promotes kindness,” Harkins said.

In particular, the club officers are planning a sort of spirit day to raise awareness for the club and many random acts of kindness. Club officers are strongly encouraging student membership.

“This year will be a lot more organized than years passed,” Harkins said. “We have just elected officers and events will be much easier to pull off because our club is growing.”

The next No Place for Hate meeting is coming up in December and all CPHS students interested in promoting kindness and battling bullying are welcome to attend. More details to come on the Wolfcast.