CP’s got talent


On Thursday, August 24, Cedar Park’s most talented students gathered to perform in the seventh Annual Talent Show. The show featured 15 acts, each separated by clips from this year’s Wolfcast shows. Though the majority of acts were musicians, some strange talents were also showcased. Junior York Westenhaver performed imitations including those of Star Wars’ Darth Vader, Harry Potter’s Severus Snape, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Another odd talent was sophomore Brandon Weyer’s skill for ‘hand farting,’ which was met by laughter and applause from the audience.

The night ended with three winning acts: Black Tea ft. Dave Hawks won third place with their cover of “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons, sophomore Charlie Hooper– last year’s talent show winner– won second place by playing his violin blindfolded, and junior Jessica Holcomb won first place with her cover of “Up to the Mountain” by Kelly Clarkson.

“A lot of people wanted me to sing other songs,” Holcomb said. “But I connected with this song emotionally, and if anything I wanted to connect to the audience emotionally.”

Holcomb was shocked when the results were announced.

“I had just crept on stage from the dressing room when my name was called,” Holcomb said. “It was so surreal. I kept telling everyone singers don’t win, they’re too generic, but I guess I was wrong.”

The Talent Show was a success, bringing in a larger crowd than that of those past and creating a memorable event for all who attended.

“I loved the show,” sophomore attendee Maddison Bretz said. “It was amazing to celebrate and witness the special skills that my classmates have. I am looking forward to next year’s show.”