Den How-To

Chris Collins

Den time, that extra period every Monday and Thursday. It comes directly after second or sixth period and lasts for 35 minutes. The ‘den’ period has been around for a year now.  It was made to let students do their homework, study and go to tutorials. If you are struggling with a class, den allows a convenient online system to switch teachers for a den period and get extra help.

  • To switch teachers you need to get on a school computer (You must switch dens by 10:00 a.m on the day you want to move.)
  • Go to and log in with your normal school computer log in.
  • Click ‘unenrolled’ to see the list of teachers.
  • Click the date you want to go in and highlight the teacher that you want.
  • Click enroll.

If you are having trouble you can go see Mrs. Kay, the librarian, and she can help you get enrolled in that teacher’s den time.