Dodge ball tournament raises money for Project Grad


Lauren Kriss

The aptly named “Best Team in the Tournament” holds up timberwolves after winning the Project Graduation Dodge Ball Tournament on April 23. ( Pictured left to right) Juniors Baxter Robertson, Matthew Redding, senior Myles Cheatum, Colin Kramr, Augustine Tambe, freshman Elisha Guidry, and junior Jordan Meredith were on the winning team.

Lauren Kriss, Editor-In-Chief

The Project Graduation Dodge Ball Tournament was held April 23. Students from all grade levels formed teams for the double-elimination style tournament. Ultimately, “The Best Team in the League” won out over a predominantly senior team in the Championship game.

At the end of the tournament, $833 were raised for Project Graduation, according to Project Graduation coordinator Tami Beall.