Former student to be featured in TIME Magazine

Sarah Nation

As Cedar Park cuts the strings from graduating seniors, they can only hope to fly in the direction of success. Most learn what their purpose is in life is as they go through college or experience jobs first hand, but for former student Sara Strick, her passion had long since been formed.

As a first year photographer in yearbook, Strick quickly worked her way to the top making herself one of the most valuable members of the staff. But her success didn’t stop there. As a freshman at Texas State University, Strick was quickly added to the prestigious University Star newspaper staff. As a first year photographer, Strick has had many photos featured in the school newspaper and will be promoted to Assistant Photo Editor next year as a sophomore.

As if Strick hasn’t accomplished enough, in the last month she’s been presented with one of the biggest honors a photographer could ask for. Strick took a picture for’s promotion “A message to Obama” and submitted it to the site. Her photo was selected out of thousands of pictures to be featured in the December 29 issue of TIME magazine. Along with that, Strick is scheduled to be interviewed by Duane Tollison, correspondent from CBS news radio, about her photo which will be aired during inauguration week.

“I’m just really excited because it’s one step closer to what I want to do for the rest of my life,” Strick said.

It just goes to show that hard work, sparked by passion and talent, can truly lead people towards their dreams.