Freshmen campaigns in full swing


Lizzy Lamm

Freshmen candidates hung elections posters around the school hoping to gain their classmates’ votes.

Lizzy Lamm, Reporter

As the voting season for the country nears, the freshmen have their own campaigns going on.

In the running for Freshman Class President are Jessica Mick, Daniel Williamson and Gregory Phea. Vice President candidates are Hannah Loera and Josh Schultze. Running unchallenged for secretary is Alexandra Allen, and running for treasurer, also unchallenged, is Mina Kim.

Student Council sponsor and science teacher Mr. Babich believes that Freshman Elections are an important part of school life.

“Freshman should and do have a say in what goes on in their school,” Babich said. “Getting them involved in the processes early on in their high school career allows them to build possible changes for the school.”

Jessica Mick is running for freshman class president and having fun in the process.

“It’s given me a chance to talk to more of my classmates and also I liked making posters and I really had fun writing my speech,” Mick said. “I personally really like public speaking, so preparing and filming a speech for the class was pretty exciting.”

Gregory Phea is also running for class president, and want to increase relations and support between Student Council and all the organizations of the school.

“Running for office at times can be quite stressful due to the risk of loss,” Phea said. “But at the same time it can be quite enjoyable as you meet new people and compete against opponents for the top spot.”

Freshman Hannah Loera is running for Vice President this year, and says that she would like to contribute fresh ideas to the school.

“Even though we are considered lowest on the totem pole, we have as much to offer as the upperclassmen,” Loera said. “This election is important because it encourages stronger relationships throughout the student body and allows more collaboration within the school.”

Voting will be Nov. 3 through 5, and students will vote through Naviance.