Goodbye to our favorite librarian

Lizzy Lamm

CPHS librarian, Ms. Kay, announced her retirement at the last CPHS Book Club meeting. She has been working at the school since it opened in 1998, and been working in education for 33 years, five as a teacher and 28 years as a librarian. Ms. Kay was also the sponsor of the CPHS Book Club, and has assisted all the English teachers with multiple student projects, including the freshman “Tale of Two Cities project” earlier in the year.

“Due to the state budget cuts the library staff was limited to two people, so Ms. Faulstich and Ms. Kay were doing all the work, but with less people, so it became very difficult,” Kay said.

The new librarian’s name is Ms. Barnes from Hutto, Texas.

Ms. Kay says that she looks forward to time so she can choose to do what she wants, and she doesn’t have to worry about getting up at six in the morning to go open the library.

Ms. Kay says the thing that she will miss most about CPHS is the students.

“When I was a teacher, I hated all the paperwork and grading, but I still wanted to work with kids, so I became a librarian,” Kay said.  “I love working with kids, and I will miss talking about what they are reading in the Book Club, and spending time with them.”