Halloween how-to: staying safe

Lexi Rima, Reporter

This Halloween, don’t let anything get in the way of you having a great time. Oct. 31 is a night reserved for sweets and scares, so keep it that way! These tips will tell you how to keep safe while having fun.

  • Don’t trick-or-treat alone! Make sure you and your friends stick together.
  • Be wary of crossing roads in the dark – you may see a car that doesn’t see you! Have at least one of the people in your trick-or-treating group wear some reflective object, like tape, to help drivers see you.
  • Don’t eat unwrapped candy – if it’s unwrapped, it could be tampered with and be poisonous or harmful.
  • Hold a flashlight if you’re trick-or-treating; Texas nights get dark!
  • Test makeup before you wear it for your costume, because a skin rash and puffy eyes isn’t a good look.
  • If you’re at a Halloween party, remember not to leave your drink alone EVER. If you lose it, never look for it – just pour yourself a new one. Don’t take a drink from someone you don’t know, and even if you do know them, make sure you saw them pour the drink.
  • Do not underage drink, even if it is a Halloween party! If someone at the party does drink and intakes too much, however, roll them on their side and call 911. A life is more important than how long you might be grounded.
  • If you’re driving, go slow! Be cautious whether you’re in a residential area or not, because you never know where kids may stray on the lookout for candy.
  • If you see anything that looks a bit suspicious, don’t take any chances and call the police! Halloween is a fun holiday, but the darkness and abundance of children could attract people with poor intentions.