Homecoming hits Cedar Park


Savannah Burchfiel

This week is homecoming week at CP. It features spirit days for students to show their pride and build anticipation for Friday. Monday is Nerd Day, Tuesday is Twin Day, Wednesday is Disney Day and Thursday is Superhero Day. Friday, the day of the game, is the ultimate opportunity to dress out in Timberwolf green and black for school spirit.

“Our goal in choosing spirit days was to allow everyone to fit in and be enthusiastic,” junior class Vice President Nathan Vu said. “Last year, there wasn’t much of a theme, so this year, we wanted to generate more spirit by affecting what people wear.”

The week climaxes with the varsity football game against Marble Falls on Friday, Oct. 4 at Gupton Stadium. The game begins at 7 p.m. Attendance may be affected by this year’s conflict with weekend one of the Austin City Limits music festival. The senior class king and queen will be announced on the field at halftime. King nominations include Ethan Goldberg, Ethan How, Chandler Lyle, Peter Maneikis and Austin Yeatman. Queen nominations include Elizabeth Aldape, Kassi Hormuth, Sara Knight, Madison Meehan and India Westenhaver.

The dance will be held the next night on Saturday, Oct. 5 in the school cafeteria from 8-11 p.m. Tickets can be purchased next week. Student Council is hosting a costume contest for a free ticket to the dance, which students can enter into by coming to A229 before school. The dance will feature live 80s movies, a photo booth and live performances by Black Tea, B.L.U. and Penguin National Guard.

“We wanted to integrate as much of the student body as possible,” student body President Katerina Lee said. “By hosting live performances, we hoped to attract more students than the ‘normal’ homecoming crowd.”

Homecoming is also a time for couples to show their school spirit together. Mum-making is one of the classic traditions of Southern homecomings. The hallway is sure to be jingling will bells, sparkling with glitter and flying with streamers as girls feature their large, homemade flowers decorated with Timberwolf pride.

Another tradition is finding creative ways to ask one’s significant other to the dance. Linebacker Mack White asked his girlfriend, cheerleader Maddie Lee, to the dance by decorating her car, bringing flowers, and decorating her room with a frog balloon and a banner that said “hop with me to homecoming.”

“I was really excited because it was a complete surprise and I had no idea,” Lee said. “I’m really excited to spend next week dressing up for spirit days and just having fun.”

Senior Prince nominees: Ethan How, Chandler Lyle, Ethan Goldberg, Peter Maneikis and Austin Yeatman.
Senior Princess nominees:
India Westenhaver, Madison Meehan, Elizabeth Aldape, Kassi Hormuth and Sara Knight
Junior Duke Mack White and Duchess Kathryn Cuthbertson
Sophomore Duke Trent Thompson and Duchess Haley Carter
Freshman Duke Nathan Sloey and Duchess Darby Doran