In a Course Selection Crisis

It’s Time to Choose Classes, See What Upperclassmen Recommend


Wolfpack Staff

The time has come to pick classes for next year. You may be turning in final course selection sheets, meeting with guidance counselors all while stressing over picking the wrong classes. Our school has a vast range of courses to offer, but it depends what you’re looking for in a class. You could be looking for college credit, an easy class, or maybe a class that will give you a taste of what you are thinking of doing after high school. With almost 19 years of high school experience between the six of us, we will give you insight on our favorite classes, as well as those we wished we would have taken.


Sydney- junior

I might be biased saying this, but I think that taking classes in the journalism department is really fun and beneficial. Being in yearbook for three years and newspaper for the first time this year, I’ve learned a lot of important skills that are necessary for the future. I’ve learned how to write stories, take good pictures, interview people, and work in an office like setting.

Besides journalism classes, it’s really important to take classes that you don’t know a whole lot about. I took ceramics this past year and I’m really glad that I did, because it was super fun and wasn’t stressful. Another class that I think people should take it Capstone. It’s a seminar and research-based class that takes up two years (junior and senior). Over the course of the year, you write only four essays and present four times (two of the times that you present it’s in a group). Everyone who doesn’t take it tells other people that it’s the hardest class ever, but it’s really not. You learn a lot of important skills like speaking in front people and writing research essays. Overall, I think that it’s important to take classes that are fun and that will help you later in life.


Garrett- junior

As a football player, I was restricted on classes to take for my years in high school. With that said, I would take theatre tech because it deals with making sounds and is a great atmosphere with Mr. Smith. The second class that I would recommend is AVID. Although this may cause more stress when organizing your notes and binder checks, this class got me really organized for the future and getting me ready for college and the outside world with characteristics like leadership and communication skills.

Another that I would encourage others to take is newspaper. I know, this may not sound like the greatest class ever, but trust me it takes you out of your stressful life and frees your mind up a little. In this class, you hang with friends and even write about topics that you are interested in.

Taking a foreign language in high school is important, and it doesn’t get much harder than Spanish. I took 3 years of Spanish and honestly was not that bad of a class. So when searching for a class in your interest, consider these as you continue your high school journey.


Deana- junior

After taking all of your required classes in freshman year, such as pro-com and gym, you have a little more freedom to choose classes that interest you. I thought I’d stick to all art classes when I was a freshman, putting many art courses per year on my four-year plan they gave us to fill out. However, my absolute favorite classes didn’t come from what I initially was interested in, but instead from what my peers recommended to me.

I’ve been taking yearbook since 8th grade, after one of my friends asked me to join it with her. Yearbook has given me a place to go and helped me form bonds that are unlike the ones I share with my other friends. But by far, newspaper has been the best course selection I’ve made. No matter what skill you have in writing or journalism know-how, newspaper creates a free and welcoming space for you to write about what you’re interested in, as well as keeping you involved with the school.

For those who enjoy photography, journalism classes also come in handy. Having access to cameras is another perk of journalism. We take pictures at sporting events and other school happenings, which is great practice for someone wanting to learn how to be a good photographer.

As for art credits, I’d recommend ceramics. Though it is a fast-paced class where you must come in during dens sometimes in order to finish projects, it is a lot of fun. You are given objectives as to what you should create, but there is still creative freedom, along with access to clay and tools.

ACC vs AP is a big confusion to sophomores, and it was to me too. I chose the ACC route, and I’m not having the time of my life, but I’m glad I took it. I wanted college credit, and if I manage to pass my courses, there’s my credit! This is unlike AP classes, where a big ol’ AP test stands between you and your college credit. From what I’ve heard, I’d say that you get more English practice in English AP, and possibly have a better opportunity at learning more material in APUSH or in a government class. But I have also heard about the difficult projects and essays that the AP classes give, so there’s that to consider.

If I were to choose another class, I’d take interpersonal studies. I’ve heard good things about this one-semester course, and it seems pretty unique. They talk about things going on in the world and discuss their opinions on controversial topics. It would be nice to be in an environment where people felt open to share their opinions, instead of being passive like many are in regular classes.


Perry – junior

I am currently finishing up my junior year at CPHS and over these last three years, there have been several classes which I would highly recommend to any underclassman. One I have only started taking this year but have been interested in since freshman year is ceramics. I’m not much of an artist, but this class is great for relaxing and expressing your creativity through clay projects. Students can make practically anything they can think of, and I’ve seen plenty of very interesting and creative projects come out of the kiln, from ceramic fish to ancient-looking coil pots.  Ceramics does require students to have already taken art one, but this class is worth the wait.

Another I would highly recommend for anyone interested in camerawork/filming or editing would be Mr. Garcia’s audio/video production class, otherwise known as the broadcast class which produces the Wolfcast every day. I’ve taken this class both this year and last and for both years I’ve had a great experience. This class is a lot of fun and has introduced me to a lot of experiences I would not have had otherwise. One of my favorite parts of broadcast is filming sports. During football season we travel to almost every game and gather film of the games used for hype videos and biweekly sports reports. Other than the sporting events, editing videos and conducting interviews are also a very fun side of broadcast that I got to explore when taking this class. This class does require students to take audio/video production one before going into the actual broadcast class, but in the introduction class, students learn everything needed to produce a successful Wolfcast.   

Justin- junior

This year, I’m taking Spanish 3 Pre-AP and I recommend taking 3 years of language because it’s honestly not that much harder than Spanish 2 and that way I can graduate with honors. Pro-com is a laid-back class, it was usually just notes and then a study hall for the rest of the time, so it was kind of like a second den for me last year. I usually finished all my HW in that class.


Gillian- senior

There are some classes that I wish I would’ve taken to see if I would have liked, because now it will cost me when I go to college. I wish I would’ve taken more advantage of these courses. ASL would’ve been a cool language class to take, it just seems so interesting to me. I think culinary would have been fun. There are also so many clubs that could be related to the class that you could go to first to see if you would like it. There are also classes that I have taken that I recommend. I think everybody should take Leadership. It is a semester class but it is a fun, stress-free, team building class that I genuinely believe people can learn lifelong skills in.

I also encourage you to take PALs when you’re junior and senior. I loved taking photography and journalism, and you can combine these two and take Photojournalism. Speaking of journalism, I also recommend joining the newspaper staff! You get to meet some great people, write The Toilet Times, and get your stories published on this website! It encouraged me to get out of my out of my comfort zone, and it is also a great feeling to see something you wrote being published for lots of people to see.

Below are the course selection forms for each grade. Click on classes you’re curious about to find out more information, or check the counselor’s website.