Library mosaic promotes Latin Club


Hunter-Rose Comtois

A few Latin Club students last year collaborated and created this wolf mosaic that essentially promotes their club. Photo by Hunter-Rose Comtois

Hunter-Rose Comtois, Reporter

A wolf mosaic has been placed front and center behind the library’s main desks. The new addition to the library has certain students asking questions regarding the mosaic and appearance.

“It attracts a lot of attention,” librarian Debby Barnes said. “I get asked by many people about the mosaic. One student came up to the front desk saying how much she couldn’t stop looking at it and we had a conversation about it for ten minutes.”

One of the creators of the mosaic is junior Sam Oliveira. He, along with a few other students, worked on it for a total of six months last year, which was longer than they planned to work on it.

“We were very dedicated,” Oliveira said. “It took a couple of months to actually plan it all out and the rest of the time went to building it.”

The actual piece when finished was too heavy to put in its original spot. It was meant to be hung up by the front offices, but due to the weight it couldn’t be held up. One day while prepping the library over the summer, Barnes came across the mosaic leaned against the wall in the front office.

“I walked by the front office and found it laying there,” Barnes said. “I asked them if I could take it and put it in the library. I knew I could use the books to prop it up. They liked the idea and that’s how it ended up here.”

Both Oliveira and the Latin Club were shocked and proud that it was placed in the library. They wanted to donate the mosaic to the school to gain publicity.

“We really were excited to see it hung up,” Oliveira said. “People are noticing us more now. We wanted to get Latin Club known. Put our name out there. And this was a good way to do it.”