New year, new library

Lizzy Lamm, Reporter

The library has some big changes this year. These changes came from ideas librarian Debby Barnes had when she began working at Cedar Park High School last year.

“When I first looked at the layout, I knew there were some things I’d like to change,” Barnes said. “I knew right away that I wanted to make the library more like a creative commons and less like a classroom. It should be a place where students and teachers can come and escape.”

To really make the creative commons vision become complete, the library will be looking for grant money. They are planning to add furniture and make layout and design changes.

“As part of the creative commons idea, I’d like to add a section of the library with cafe tables and chairs where students can eat their lunches over a tiled area,” Barnes said.

One other thing Barnes is planning on adding, especially with the possibility of the district’s mobile learning initiative providing devices to students, is charging stations. She’s even looking into the possibility of having charging cords available for checkout.

In addition to these changes, Barnes knew that the fiction and graphic novel collections needed a larger and more current selection. There were a lot of outdated books throughout the library, so last year she worked on clearing the shelves of old books, especially the ones that are never in use.

“Libraries are living, evolving entities that need constant cultivation in order to maintain their relevance for their users,” Barnes said. “I still need to work on developing the fiction and especially the graphic novel sections.  I also want to focus on adding more eBooks as there is a growing population of users who’d rather read on their devices.”

This year the biggest this year is the fiction section, which has been moved to the center of the library. The graphic novels also now have their own section at the front of the library. Barnes spent $2,600 adding to the graphic novel collection. Barnes has also moved out five book cases and eight round tables, as well as 32 chairs.

“I think what makes the library better than last year is the space,” Barnes said. “To quote a good friend; ‘I think the library should be the living room of the school.’”