Paige Parks

On the morning of Oct.16, while many students were perhaps still at home, or rather asleep, the PSAT team was indulging in Rudy’s breakfast tacos to ease the stress of the upcoming test. The team had been preparing for this day since early August and had a PSAT boot camp even before school had begun.

“The bootcamp really helped,” junior Emily Ismail said. “We took a practice test at the beginning and end of the week, and my scores improved a lot.”

The class, taught by Mrs. Hexter and Mrs. Ziemann, focuses on the testing subjects, which include math, writing and reading, and switches between the subjects every two weeks. Many students’ scores improved, as they took frequent practice tests and further developed testing skills and strategies.

“The class prepared me because we took a lot of practice tests and went over test taking tips,” junior Maddie Kress said. “The best part was being able to see a huge improvement in my scores.”

With the PSAT in the rearview mirror, the team is driving ahead towards preparation for the SAT and college admission process. The class will now focus on college exploration and the SAT, which many of the students plan to take this winter and spring.

“I think my SAT scores will be higher because I learned new strategies that will help me on the test.” Ismail said.

The PSAT is long since forgotten, however, and students are anxiously awaiting the results.

“I look forward to seeing my official PSAT scores and seeing where those scores can get me,” Kress said.