PSAT proves valuable


Emilee Guernsey

The PSAT workbook includes all subjects that will appear on the actual PSAT. “Students can practice with more than just the PSAT book,” Colman said. “There are other websites on the LISD page that provide practice.”

Emilee Guernsey, Reporter

As the PSAT approaches, many students continue to busy themselves with study, especially juniors. Why? Because they can receive scholarships by earning good scores.

This doesn’t mean that the PSAT isn’t important to freshmen or sophomores as well. Sophomores are capable of being placed in a class their junior year that is dedicated to achieving the National Merit Scholar status.

Many students believe that the PSAT doesn’t matter and that there is no point in taking it, but it allows all students to be exposed to a mock SAT. It also provides more practice for sophomores and juniors.

Dean of Instruction Jennifer Colman compared the two tests.

“The PSAT and SAT are scored very similarly,” Colman said. “PSAT is scored from 80 to 240 and SAT is scored from 800 to 2400.”

As well as similar scoring, the two tests are also very similar in structure.

There are many websites that are listed for helping students practice for the PSAT. Students are also given a PSAT practice work book in school. There is much emphasis on the PSAT, but many people never take it into consideration.

To prepare yourself for the PSAT you should rest and eat a well-rounded breakfast, according to Colman.

“Time management is key,” Colman said. “Many students are not used to being timed for tests, so this can be a surprise to some. Just make sure to pace yourself.”

After the PSATs have been scored, there are many helpful sources that allow you to study and prepare yourself for the SAT.

“Once students receive their test scores back, they can go to to see exactly what they missed on the test,” Colman said. “The website will help you prepare for the SAT and pinpoints what topics you need to focus on. The website also provides information on colleges and helps students search for a career.”

If students want further information on the PSAT and SAT they can go to