Reactions to election vary among CP students

Paige Parks

As many students are reminded of around this time of year, November brings more than football and sweater weather. The United States Presidential Election took place Nov. 6 and, like many elections, disappointed and pleased many Americans.

The Cedar Park students had an opportunity to take part in a mock election on Nov. 5 and exercise, for some, their soon-to-be right to vote. The results of this election were close, differing by one vote in Mitt Romney’s favor.

The result of the actual election, however, was a different story. Barack Obama won more electoral and popular votes than Romney, leading to a Democrat win. Obama had 303 electoral votes, while Romney had 206. Obama also had 50.4% of the popular vote.

Cedar Park students had mixed reactions to the re-election of Obama.

“I was very excited and I feel his second term will be better because he has more time to work on the economy and create more jobs,” sophomore Lexy Green said.

Others were not as pleased.

“I feel that Romney would’ve turned the economy around, and Obama has not accomplished nearly enough,” sophomore Collin Lawrence said.

Some students, however, were not concerned one way or the other.

“I don’t really feel like it affects me,” sophomore Lauren Graves said. “I’m too young to have to worry about it,”

Following the announcement of Obama’s re-election, a surge of tweets, both pleased and upset, swamped the twitter feeds of many Cedar Park students.

“I think it’s dumb for people to get in fights over the election,” sophomore Kaylin Balderrama said. “People should be respectful, no matter their views.”