School uniforms effective this April

Amanda Weston

     The recent No Place for Hate campaign proposed the idea of school uniforms at a recent Student Council meeting and, by unanimous decision, the administration has accepted the proposal. The No Place for Hate committee and Student Council believe that the uniforms will encourage equality and promote school unity.

     For boys, the new uniforms will be comprised of khaki dress pants, green sweater vests, white collared shirts and closed-toed shoes. Girls will have the option of wearing matching sweaters, paired with knee-length khaki skorts and closed-toed shoes. The uniform committee has agreed to pay for all students’ uniforms, but in exchange no warm weather alternatives will be provided, forcing students to wear the mandatory thick sweaters throughout Texas’s sweltering temperatures. To students, however, this sacrifice is well-justified.

     “I’ve been lobbying for school uniforms for years,” Lindsay Salomons, senior, said. “All of us dressing the same would unify us as a student body and take away all the prejudice based on what we wear.”

     Providing free uniforms to students will cost Cedar Park approximately $75,000. Although a downturn in the economy has forced budget cuts, eliminating uniforms was not an option. Instead, more drastic cuts will be made to sports programs, the fine arts and even academic classes. The highly-anticipated Milburn pool scuba diving P.E. elective will also no longer be an option next year.

     “It’s so generous of the school to make the uniforms free,” Robin Duffee, sophomore, said. “I’ll never have to worry about what to wear to school again or buy expensive name brand clothes. I’m especially excited about the new football dress-up day policy.”

     Due to overwhelming demand, spirit days during football season will not be eliminated, but instead uniformed as well. Boys can wear a mascot suit; girls may dress up as a giant football. These costumes will also be provided free of charge by the school and can be checked out from the front office every week during fall semester.

     Seniors are not exempt from the new policy as uniforms will be distributed as early as next week. Students will be required to begin wearing uniforms Friday; any student not in dress code will not be permitted to enter the building.

     Although students will no longer be able to show their personality through their wardrobe, the general consensus is that the new uniforms will ultimately benefit the well being of the school.

     “They’re perfect,” Salomons said. “I can’t think of a better way to make CPHS a better place.”

*This story ran in our April Fool’s issue and is one of the joke articles