Seasons Presents Princess Tea


The cast of Princess Tea bringing it in for a group hug.

Carlie Morgan, Reporter

The school cafeteria was flooded with tiny princes and princesses as Seasons put on their annual Princess Tea on March 3-5. The members of Seasons and Pitch Black, the high school’s select choirs, donned their best ball gowns, took on the role of a Disney prince or princess, and put on a show for the children of the community.

Each year Seasons writes a new version of the Princess Tea to keep the kids and their families coming back for more, and this year they decided to switch things up a bit with a new, unanticipated character- the Evil Queen.

“I’ve seen Princess Tea three times and it’s always the same plot,” senior member Helen Vidrine said. “I wanted to change it up this year, and I thought the best way to do that was doing something no one had done before.”

The addition of a Disney villain was a new idea in a show that has been dominated by royalty in the past. This year, a larger number of girls were accepted into the Seasons group, giving the need for more characters and providing the opportunity for this new plot device. However, despite the new character, challenges were few and far between.

“I’d say the biggest challenge had to do with blocking and memorizing cues,” junior Raneem Alasi said. “This year was a little more stressful due to the fact that there are more people in Seasons. Despite that, I think we sound a little more full in terms of musicality. There weren’t that many major obstacles for this year’s Princess Tea.”

The theme this year, Elsa’s Snow Ball, allowed many of the princesses to participate in storytelling and, of course, singing. Although only a select number of members get solos for the event, everyone has a part in making the musical show shine. This year, in addition to the Evil Queen, Moana was added and Pitch Black performed alongside their sister group as a medley of princes. Two Prince Charmings gave way to some  antics, but the fun didn’t stop there, with jokes sprinkled in for every prince and princess.

“In my opinion, the best part of Princess Tea is seeing how happy we make everyone,” senior Faith Cox said. “Watching the little princes and princesses during the show and dancing with them and meeting them afterwards is just full of so many happy memories and moments for me. Just seeing how we made their favorite princesses come to life makes me so happy.”