Seniors win Powder Puff 12-6


Senior Kassi Hormuth runs with the ball while junior Lexi Breed tries to pull her flag during Powder Puff on May 31. Photo by Lauren Campbell

Bianca Jimenez

As an end to the 2013-14 school year, CPHS juniors and seniors participated in the traditional Powderpuff game at the CPMS fields on May 31. Although the school had decided against sponsoring the game, the student body kept the tradition alive by coordinating the game on their own.

Seniors took it into their own hands by making sure each player signed a waiver, as well as designing and selling shirts for both teams. Since there was no involvement from the school, it was up to the students to organize each practice and decide where and when the game would take place.

“I think it went really well for being run by the students,” senior Tatum English said. “It was important to me as a senior to be a part of it because I didn’t get to play last year.”

This year the game ended with a win by the senior class with a score of 12-6.


Junior Alle Brittain warms up before the game while Chris Paddack, one of the junior coaches, looks on. Photo by Lauren Campbell
Junior quarterback Rachel Pokorney makes a long throw to a teammate in the powder puff game on May 31. Photo by Lauren Campbell
Junior Molly McDougal catches a pass thrown by junior Rachel Pokorney. Photo by Lauren Campbell
Senior Gabrielle Ford makes a play during the senior win at the annual powder puff game. Photo by Lauren Campbell