Stirring up trouble is just too Yeezy

Meital Abraham, Reporter

The announcement of a future presidential candidate, peace being reached and shade being thrown all occurred during this year’s Video Music Awards, or VMAs.

Rapper Kanye West declared his plans to run for president in the year of 2020. That being said, everyone attending high school at this moment will be able to vote for West. If West wins the election, Kim Kardashian-West will the First Lady of the United States. Just let that sink in.

Near the end of July, Nicki Minaj was upset over the fact that she was not nominated for a VMA. Minaj accused the VMAs on Twitter of not nominating her due to the fact that her “Anaconda” music video doesn’t feature women with slim bodies. Taylor Swift misunderstood the Tweet, thinking that Minaj was pitting women against each other. Minaj clarified the Tweet, the dispute was settled and the two musicians performed together at the VMAs, showcasing their friendship. However, Swift wasn’t the only artist to aggravate Minaj.
During an interview with Time Magazine, singer Miley Cyrus introduced her personal opinion that Minaj isn’t a nice person. Minaj took the comment to heart, and dissed Cyrus during the VMAs. Cyrus defended herself, stating that the media twists people’s words around and then congratulated Minaj. Needless to say, a lot happened during this year’s VMAs.