T-Wolves duck, dodge and dive

Bianca Jimenez

CPHS students competed in a dodgeball tournament coordinated by Project Grad on Tuesday, April 29. There were eight teams in the tournament and all grade levels were able to participate in the tournament.

Teams that participated were the LAX Bros & Friends, More Than Average Joes, The Avengers, “The Best Team in the Tournament”, The Team Who is Nate Grimm, Surfer Bros, CP Legends and the Dodgefathers. The overall winner of the tournament was “The Best Team in the Tournament”. The team consisted of students Tommy Lavine (10), Tyler Lavine (9), Zach Ross (10), Davis Brock (10), Jordan Meredith (10) and Baxter Robertson (10).

“It was cool that we won since we were the youngest team,” Robertson said.

The team that placed second were the CP Legends which consisted of seniors Chad Whitehead, David Moritz, Hailey Roberts, Lane Waller, Austin Bryant and Nate Grimm.

“It’s always entertaining when we get to do activities that involve the whole school because they don’t happen very often,” Grimm said.

To take part in the tournament each team had to have six people from any grade level, and pay a $5 fee per person to help raise money for Project Grad. To advance in the tournament the teams had to win two out of three matches, the winning team received a Paisano’s Pizza Party.