Talent show promises old favorites and new stars

     With the annual Cedar Park Talent Show fast approaching, Wolfpack editor Mercedes Ordonez sat down with Allison Fionda, Executive Producer of cphs-tv to discuss the ever popular event.

What is the talent show?

     It’s a classic talent show. It’s a place for talented students who compete in front of the audience for first prize and the honor of being designated the most talented in the class.  

How long has Cedar Park been putting on a talent show?

     This is only the third year. The 2007 broadcast class started it and it went really well with the students The show has become a tradition.

Who sponsors it?

     The broadcast students organize it all; it’s a huge undertaking but it’s worth it because we get to see the school come together and it is a good fundraiser for us.

Where do the proceeds go?

     To the broadcast program. We spend it on new equipment. A lot of our stuff is old and breaks down so we need to replace it. I don’t think people realize how much work goes into the broadcast and along with that comes costs.

When is the talent show? When are the auditions?

     The talent show is May 13 and auditions are April 8. Everyone who wants to try out should sign up [for auditions].

How do you sign up for auditions?

     Come to the broadcast room, A213, and we have a list. Just ask and we can write your name down. That’s all you have to do, it’s really easy. If you can’t be at the audition, you can arrange in advance to bring a demo tape or disc. 

What are the auditions like?

     They are going to held in the Little Theatre and you will start out by telling us about yourself. Then, you will give a run through of your performance. Broadcast students will rate your performance on a rubric to decide if you’ll perform at the talent show. It’s pretty casual and typically a high percentage of people who audition make it into the actual show.

How much will tickets be?

     Tickets will be $5, but worth it at any price. It’s one of those priceless memories from high school.

What are the prizes going to be?

     In the past it’s been an iPod touch, but I think a cash prize would be more appealing to students. We’ll make those decisions closer to the actual date of the show to keep it a surprise.

What’s happening between acts?

     We would like for PNG to perform as they have in the past but it is not confirmed yet.  We will also show a few video clips from The Wolfcast that were big hits with students.

What would people expect to see if they come?

     Just a lot of really talented students. There should be magic acts, music acts and everything in between. Hopefully, there will be new acts that surprise us. Even the students that aren’t competing will get to display their gifts. Members of The Wolfcast are doing video work for the show and PNG will get a chance to perform between acts.  It should just be really fun and a good way to spend your Thursday night with your friends.

Who should we be looking forward to seeing?

     I hear there is going to be another magic act, as well as more acts and bands. We always hope there will be a large variety of acts. Come out and show the school what you can do.

Why is the talent show good for Cedar Park?

     It gives the students a chance to show off talents that maybe other people wouldn’t know they had. The teachers also get involved with judging and have a lot of fun with that. It’s just good for the school as whole, it really brings people together.