The Good: 

Some online trends, such as live streaming and marketing, are harmless, and even beneficial for others. They are the reason for the rapid growth of social media and the modernization of society alike. Through social media marketing, for example, every business can expand its horizons and market successfully. 

Additionally, these online trends are increasingly putting pressure on the need for inclusivity and diversity in society, brands are adopting new strategies to account for the level of diversity they are now pressured to apply. This ensures that new innovations are being made and that society is consistently amending its standards. 

Another beneficial factor about online trends is that most of them continue to have some sort of impact on present and future endeavors alike. Instagram’s story feature, while it was created in 2016, still continues to have an impact on future endeavors, especially for marketing.

While most of the online trends are meant to expand business and the general media empire, some trends are for pure entertainment purposes. More commonly known as challenges, these kinds of trends are meant to serve as a pastime, as they typically consist of dance steps or experimentation of some sort. These have different kinds of names as well. Dance challenges are named after the song used while experimentation challenges are named after the substance used:

  • STAY Dance Challenge: A trend that involves performing a choreographed dance to STAY by Justin Bieber and Kid LAROI
  • Coke and Mentos Challenge: A trend that involves dousing a packet of Mentos into a large Coke bottle, and observing a reaction take place

Trends can also be related to video games and food as well: 

  • Among Us: Took place during quarantine, and involved the masses engaging in a video game called ‘Among Us’, a game in which players would have to rule out an imposter.
  • Genshin Impact: Involved the masses engaging in a video game called ‘Genshin Impact’, a game in which players would take their avatar on an adventure in a fantasy world.
  • Cloud Bread: A trend in which viewers would bake a colorful, fluffy bread that resembled a cloud, hence the name.
  • Feta Pasta: A trend in which viewers would bake pasta with blocks of feta cheese and cherry tomatoes, making a new kind of pasta dish.

such as Among Us or Genshin Impact, and food, such as cloud bread. These trends were popular during the pandemic, and provided an excellent source of entertainment for all viewers alike. Entertainment trends are by far the most popular and well-liked trends that social media has to offer