The long haul; tips to get through the last weeks of school

Paige Parks

Buckle your seatbelts, Cedar Park High, we are about to embark on the slowest six weeks of our lives. Yes, you heard me correctly, the next six weeks is going to drag by oh so slowly as all of us students watch the minutes tick by on our exhausted summer countdowns.

What did we do to deserve this? we will ask as we roll our eyes at our piles of homework and choose to bitterly look through our old ‘summer 2k13’ photo album on Facebook. With only one student holiday left, we are to wonder how many days we can afford to be absent without risk of getting behind.

If you are already beginning to be plagued by these infectious summer thoughts, stop right now. In this situation, and this one only, am I to be your voice of reason. It isn’t summer. Yes- I said it. It is still spring, and while flower crowns are very appropriate for this weather, so is school. There are only a mere six weeks left in the 2013-14 high school year, and for some of you it is your last.

The following tips are to be used in an effort to combat the preceding summer laziness:

  1. Do something on the weekends- I mean really do something. Go downtown with your friends, go out to a nice dinner with your family, go shopping, go hiking, go to the lake, and do something. While many people will say that this causes a dreaded ‘summer tease’ it also keeps you busy and will have you feeling happy and accomplished when that alarm clock rings on Monday morning.
  2. Go to school events- Maybe support a sports team or go to a PNG show. School organizations and clubs have a number of events going on during the week so that you can attend an event and try to remember that you (hopefully) have school spirit (after all, you are having to re-channel that energy from football season).
  3. Do something new- Try to watch a new Netflix series with your friend, or go to a new restaurant or listen to different music. Trying new things can take your mind off of all the routine things you still have to do like going to school, or doing homework, or pretending to be happy when doing either of these things.
  4. Stay busy- Basically, the main point of all these tips is to stay busy, very busy. Honestly, is there any other way to beat dreaded end of school lull? Schedule things with friends ahead of time so that you know you will be doing something in the days to come. This can make the weeks seem more enjoyable as you are constantly looking forward to something new.