The New Cheerleaders

Lizzy Lamm

Tryouts for freshman, JV, and varsity cheer squads were held Saturday, April 13.

Each of the girls learned a cheer and a dance to perform at tryouts in front of the judges. They also had to demonstrate skills of tumbling, jumps and cheer technique. For the dance segment of the tryouts, the girls were placed in groups of three, and worked together to create a routine to perform.

The varsity team includes sophomore and junior girls, including juniors Taylor Lavine, Tiffany Wong, Carli Morgan, Lexi Kennedy, Christina Colletti, Lauren Hudson, and sophomores Lauren Hughes, Gianna Espinosa, Brittany Daniel, Ashley Egner, Brielle Ferdinand,  Payton Vasquez, Maddison Lee, Erin Monroe, Jackie Reichert and Sophia Roman. 

“I am really happy and excited that I made the team,” current freshman and new member of the JV team Sydney Mazzarella said. “The whole team knows each other, so I think that we will do really well in supporting our teammates.”

The new junior varsity team includes freshman Raye Affolter, Kailey Charon, Kenzie Cherniak, Maddie Moorhead, Emilie Lark, Sydney Simpson, Bailey Penberg, Sydney Mazzarella, Megan Perkins, Coral Johnson, Kaitlyn Kuerth, Riley Yurchick, Ali Head, Brooke Hagood, Lexi Foster and Parker Smith.

The new freshman team includes current eighth graders Ciara Alpert, Rachel Blanchard, Amanda Bosse, Presley Brents, Julia Fusilier, Brianna Holcomb, Hana Witter, Caroline Wahl, Emily Downey, Jordan Derrick, Bailey McKeown and Natalia Esparza.