The truth about nail polish and what you can do about it

Meital Abraham, Reporter

Nail polish lovers everywhere are unknowingly harming their bodies. According to a joint study from researchers at Duke University and the Environmental Working Group, or EWG,  there is a chemical found in nail polish that harms the endocrine system. The study was small and consisted of 26 women. Out of the 26, 24 women had slightly elevated levels of a form of triphenyl phosphate called diphenyl phosphate (DPHP) found in their urine. After 14 hours, the levels of DPHP had risen, suggesting that more TPHP had entered their bodies. TPHP is a plasticizer, which means it makes products more flexible and less brittle, and is also used in furniture as a fire retardant. The scientists have discovered TPHP listed on the labels of about 1,500 products by many top nail polish brands. The following brands are just a few that are known to contain TPHP:

Sally Hansen, Essie, OPI, butter LONDON, Revlon, Milani, Wet N Wild, SpaRitual, Orly, theBalm, Nuance by Salma Hayek, Maybelline and Beauty Without Cruelty, which is ironic.

According to the EWG, TPHP can be associated with changes in the hormone and reproductive systems of humans. The most recent studies suggest that TPHP interacts with a protein central to regulating the body’s metabolism and production of fat cells. Scientists are still trying to figure out whether or not TPHP can be held partially responsible for weight gain and obesity. The EWG has also come out with studies that state TPHP can be found in women’s breast milk after they apply nail polish.

However, there is a solution to this problem. There are brands that don’t contain TPHP, such as Zoya, Suncoat, Jamberry, Piggy Paint, RGB, Honeybee Gardens, LVX, Sheswai, Lauren B. and more. Although these brands are slightly more expensive than your average, run-of-the-mill nail polish brand, they’re much better for you and not harmful.