Timberwolves come together to make a schoolwide win


Bianca Jimenez

On October 25, CPHS hosted a pep rally for the game against Vandegrift sponsored by KISSFM featuring Tegan and Sara.

According to senior and varsity cheer captain, Tiffany Wong, every school in the Austin area is automatically entered into the contest.

“I found out about the contest while listening to the radio in my car,” Wong said. “We were actually the underdogs in the contest because the student body began voting two weeks into the contest.”

In order to get the word out, Wong worked closely with junior Monica Harkins who works as a producer for the Wolfcast.

“When Tiffany contacted me about the contest I researched all the rules and regulations so we could inform the student body as well as the community about the contest,” Harkins said.

Principal Barbara Spelman and administrative assistant Linda Paris helped a lot as well as they worked with Harkins and Wong to get the news out there and get it cleared by the district.

“We were able to get the contest out as well as opening up the website to allow students to vote cleared through the district,” Harkins said. “This made it easier for the student body to vote at school.”

It wasn’t just an effort between cheer and broadcasting; with the help of Ms. King and Mrs. Hexter they were able to make this a community wide effort to win the contest. According to Harkins, many students got their family members involved as well so it was an all around effort to make this possible.

The official winner of the contest was announced by KISSFM on Oct. 21.

“When I heard that we won I was ecstatic, I was at a redlight and started jumping up and down in my seat,” Harkins said. “I loved knowing that all my friends and community came together as a family to win the contest.”

The pep rally was held on Oct. 25, in the gym at 1:00 between A and B lunch.

Photo by Julia O’Hanlon