Tracks Yearbook adds senior quotes

The Tracks Yearbook webpage includes a tab for entering senior quotes. This page can be found

Lexi Rima, Reporter

This year, Tracks Yearbook is giving the witty and clever students of CPHS a time to shine: senior quotes. From philosophical lines to song lyrics, senior quotes express a student’s attitude towards his or her current life.

In the past years, the yearbook has not included the option to submit a senior quote; senior Alina Tang of the yearbook staff explains the reasoning why.

“We tried to do it last year but not enough people submitted senior quotes,” Tang said.

Despite the fact that too little students submitted a quote, 2015 class seniors are open to the idea of them.

“They’re really a personal way to remember what they were like at seventeen years old,” Tang said. “Senior quotes are a really great because you can make your quote reflect who you are.”

Agreeing with Tang, senior Heather Box believes that senior quotes are a good idea for an addition to the yearbook.

“I think they show who you are and what you think,” Box said. “Things change over time and senior quotes let you look back and remember the past.”

Another senior, Laurel Brown, also thinks that senior quotes are a good idea.

“I like the idea because it gives you the chance to express yourself,” Brown said.

In addition to the student body approving of them, senior quotes also help develop the yearbook with content.

“Senior quotes can improve the yearbook by adding another component to the mugshot pages,” Tang said. “It’s a way to make the senior section more interesting.”

According to Tang, the staff needs half the senior population, which is about 200 people, to submit a senior quote by Oct. 31.