Website review; E.l.f. brand makeup

Lexi Rima

As a stereotypical feminine teenage girl, I love makeup. I love putting it on, wearing it and trying new styles with it — but I do not love buying it. Makeup can be one of the most expensive products for daily use, with normal prices being over $50 for a good foundation. Company eyeslipsface, also known as E.l.f., challenges that.

E.l.f. is an amazing store with amazing products and especially amazing prices. There are many virtues to the company, such as website layout, customer service, makeup selection, useful products and product value.

The website layout for E.l.f., found at, is simple to navigate. It has ten different overall tabs, which can direct a user from makeup in general to best sellers and new products. In addition, the different types of makeup are separated into the standard eyes, lips, and face with even more specific categories, such as eyeliner in the eye tab or bronzer in the face tab, for easy navigation.

E.l.f.’s customer service is delightfully good. The makers of E.l.f. are helpful and honest; they show videos of their product, keep every review no matter how scathing, direct users to magazine copies that have reviewed their products and compensate their customers. For example, when my two $25 gift cards did not come in the mail on time, E.l.f. sent me two more electronically. When the two I previously ordered came in as well, leaving me with $50 extra, they allowed me to keep it all and use the full $100. The makers also hold a “Beauty at All Ages” contest in which they use four women at all ages different ages — a teenager, a 20 year old, a 30 year old and a 40+ year old — to be their models, the winner being the new face of the company. Customer service like E.l.f.’s is hard to come by nowadays and I appreciate them immensely.

The makeup selection to E.l.f. is astounding. They have basically any type of product one could want: they provide eye, lip and face makeup, as well as brushes, gift sets, brush and face cleaners, nail polish, tweezers, mirrors, makeup cases…I could continue.

E.l.f. is, thankfully, not too good to be true; it is both good and true! What E.l.f. offers is quality, although underrated. First of all, E.l.f.’s products work well. That is not to say that no product is bad, but it is rare that you will get one, because each page for each product has many reviews and an overall 5-star rating, so users can see any complaints or praise. Second of all, the products are not cheaply made; they do not break any more easily than any other company’s product. Third of all, they look very professional. E.l.f. is not “off brand,” so the packaging is still sleek and beautiful. On the off chance that the packaging or product is broken when it arrives, the company will reimburse you! Really, it’s a no-lose situation.

Perhaps the best virtue to E.l.f. is the cost. E.l.f. is so cheap. It is so, so cheap. It is insane how cheap it is. In addition, despite how cheap all the prices are, E.l.f. holds sales constantly! It’s almost surprising how they’re still in business. E.l.f. holds a permanent sale of free shipping, so even if you are ordering 10 pounds of makeup, the only cost is for what’s in the box. Normal shipping is $6.95, so it’s not as though it’s expensive anyways. Currently as I write the review, the new sale is an April showers kit, which is a $21 product for free. Other sales include a percentage, such as 50% and sometimes even 75%, off of a type of item, such as any item in the best seller’s category. E.l.f. is an angel to your wallet. More good news is that many of E.l.f.’s products are dupes, meaning that they are extremely similar to the high-end brand of product, but cost significantly less. Why pay for a $60 blush when the same one is $3? I would recommend many products, but I will list five of my favorites: the $1 essential liquid eyeliner, $3 studio translucent matifying powder, $3 studio bronzer in golden, $3 studio eyebrow kit and $3 matte lip color. All the listed products work wonders for me personally and I have saved a lot of money while shopping at E.l.f..

I have not many complaints about E.l.f., but they are present. One minor concern of mine is that E.l.f. can be, at times, a bit of a hit-or-miss with some products. Thankfully, the review system and selection of swatches help combat the issue and prevent buyers from selecting a product that isn’t good for them. My bigger concern is that E.l.f. products can only be found online or at Target and sometimes at Walgreens. I would hope that in the future, it expands. E.l.f. is a wonderful line of makeup for all of one’s eyes, lips, face needs (and more)!

I rate E.l.f. 4.7 out of 5 lipsticks.