We’re Goin’ Back to Hogwarts


Emilee Guernsey

As everyone hears of the news about the continuing of the Harry Potter series in the form of a play, there are mixed emotions. “It’s kind of disappointing that it’s going to be in play form,” junior Jack Wegesin said. “It will probably still be popular though because it’s Harry Potter.”

Collyn Burke, Reporter

While most students are focused on the start of a brand new school year, many have forgotten that Sep. 1 also marks the first day of Hogwarts, and the very first day of one James S. Potter, whom was sorted, not surprisingly, into Gryffindor.

“Who doesn’t want to be in the same house as Harry Potter,” senior Maria Tangarova said. “Come on.”

And that’s not all, the boy wizard that shaped a generation, has once again risen up on his broomstick. The latest in Harry Potter news comes from the queen, J.K Rowling herself, Rowling revealed that an eighth installment of the beloved series would be introduced sometime in 2016, as a play: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

“I think it will add to our appreciation of the fantastic series,” sophomore Carson Burke said. “It’ll add a different perspective through which we can witness the series.”

Many fans like Burke are elated,  but wary of the idea of a continuation in the story of their favorite boy wizard, and most importantly a change in cast.

“It could either be a big success or a big mistake,” junior Zac Galer said. “As a fan, of course I’m excited to see what else Rowling can do with the series.”

Whether it’s a book, or a play, these Potterheads seem thrilled by the idea of another chance to submerse themselves in the world of Harry Potter.

“Harry Potter very much defined a lot of my childhood,” junior Sarah Ray said. “It will continue for generations.”