Wolfmart looks to increase sales


Lizzy Lamm

DECA members run the Wolfmart every day during both lunches. Left to Right: seniors Alyssa Cepeda, Christina Lanzoni, Katie Wane, and Christina Land

Lizzy Lamm, Reporter

With ramen being taken away from the Wolfmart this year, DECA is looking to add new food to make up for the loss of income.

“The absence of ramen sales have decreased the income of Wolfmart by over 50 percent,” DECA sponsor Kimberly Stapleton said. “We went from making $120 to $150 a day in sales to only making $30 to $50 a day.”

The sugar cookies have also been discontinued, and Stapleton said that whole grain versions of foods are hard to come by. DECA is still working to find a meal replacement, and Stapleton has been talking to the cafeteria managers to try to find a solution that will benefit Wolfmart without hurting the cafeteria’s sales.

“It would be great to have something that everyone would want to buy,” DECA member and senior Christina Lanzoni said. “Maybe something like Mac-n-cheese that would be easy to make and would be meal related.”

Wolfmart  is selling healthy whole grain snack products such as baked Cheetos, rice crispy treats, cupcakes, Chex mix, munchies mix, pretzels, popcorn, teddy grahams, vanilla goldfish and cupcakes. Senior and DECA member Katie Wane said the beverages as well as the snacks have changed.

“We had to get rid of normal Gatorade because of the health restrictions,” Wane said. “Now we’re selling water and G2 instead.”

DECA is working with the LaBatt Food Service to try and find a ramen replacement that will boost their sales.

“Trying to find a replacement item that is not in competition with our cafeteria is taking a while,” Stapleton said. “But new food will allow us to increase sales and profits to fund our competition expense needs.”

To try and make up the sales, Wolfmart is selling school supplies such as spirals and folders, as well as spirit T-shirts for $10 each.

“Vista Ridge has a school store that sells school supplies as well as snacks,” Stapleton said. “They have their store open after school, but at Cedar Park, there’s almost no market after classes end.”

Stapleton hopes that Wolfmart will start selling typical store products as well as food. She believes it will be a good opportunity to help booster clubs, and for the Wolfmart sales to rise again.