Young High School Students Hope to Bring a New Band to Cedar Park


Briahna Griner, Reporter

With inspiration from musicians like Molly Burch and Lana Del Rey, sophomore and lead guitarist Anthony Taylor wants to start a band with his friends to perform like some of his favorite artists.

Taylor didn’t have any intention of starting a band, but one of his friends, sophomore Brynne Wardell, brought up the topic while showing him her work with music making.

“A couple weeks ago, [Wardell] randomly asked me if I could make some guitar riffs for her and asked for my input on some songs she made,” Taylor said. “After more thinking and talking about the music, we realized we needed more people if we ever wanted to play live or anything.”

Wardell is the singer for the upcoming band. She said that she started singing in musical theater and was a part of an elite acapella group and a singer in her church choir.

“I’d love to believe I could make it as a singer, but I haven’t really had an opportunity to share my music with anyone until I did with Anthony,” Wardell said.

A couple aspects are missing in order to make this idea come true. They are still searching for a band name, as well as a couple people who could play the bass guitar, guitar, keyboard, and drums. When they do find these missing pieces, they said that they hope to produce alternative/indie music and perform at local venues.

“We currently don’t have a name right now but we definitely are thinking of different names like, We Have No Idea What We’re Doing, GoodbEyes, and Same Directions, Different Ways,” Taylor said. “We are still trying to find a couple more people in order to start and when we do, we will be able to practice and record on the weekends and hopefully perform in shops and venues in Downtown Austin.”   

They both said that they love music and how they can express themselves with it. Wardell said she believes that this band will allow her to be closer to others and let her express herself to the world in a different way.

“I started writing songs to have a way to express myself,” Wardell said. “Music makes me feel free and gives me a way to connect with people. To be in a band is just another step closer to being able to express a message and have meaning.”

Though they said that they aren’t trying to make this an everyday job, they do hope to have fun with this hobby, with each other, and maybe one day make a living out of it.

“I just hope we can take it seriously and have a good time,” Wardell said. “I want anything we can dream [of] to come out of this.”

If you are interested in joining their band or have any questions, contact Anthony Taylor at [email protected].