How Cedar Park Spent Their Spring Break

Jordy Peterson, Reporter



Ben Gilmer, 11, “I hung out with friends.”


Julie Nyznik, 11, “I went to Port Aransas and was happy about not waking up at 7 everyday.”


Alec Peal, 10, “The weather was awesome. I went enoing several times.”


Annie Callahan, 11, “Freedom from this prison. Spent time with friends and family and didn’t think about responsibilities.”


Miriam Disraeli, 11, “I enjoyed the sun at the beach.”


Rylee Elam, 10, “ I went to downtown Austin with my friend we shopped at Urban Outfitters and got Voodoo Doughnuts for the first time.”


Hailyn Garcia, 10, “I went to Disneyworld and Universal Studios in Florida.”


Haylee Reagan, 12, “I went hiking.”


Ricky Rosario, 11, “I went to Panama.”


Andrew Kiggens, 11, “I went skiing in Summit Valley, in the mountains of Colorado.”


Addison Leavitt, 10, “I swam in the creek near my house and hung with friends.”


Sam Allen, 12, “I went to South Padre Island, and spent time on the beach.”


Easton Jenkins, 12, “I started working at Mighty Fine.”


Rehm Maham, 12, “I went to a lake house down in Tyler.”


Iriyana Lipkin, 9, “I snowboarded in New Mexico and worked at my dance studio.”