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Botanical Joy

Key Club Sponsor Amy Durden shows off some avocado pits that have been donated to her as a part of Harvest for Healing. Durden and the club's goal for Harvest for Healing is to spread positivity throughout the senior community. “[Our goal] is to try and bring joy and hope in watching the seeds grow into seedlings and then plants,” Durden said. “With so much depression, despair, isolation and sickness, [we figured that] it's a way to have a small [amount of positivity].”
Ruchi Sankolli, Reporter November 13, 2020

Seeds of Hope

Giving A Ray of Hope is a newly founded organization that strives to help children in hospitals, and are responsible for, not only participating in service projects, but also educating the community on diseases that infect children. The organization provides many opportunities for members to explore the medical field and contribute to their community. “I would say that this organization really helps you have that role in your community and trying to help others,” junior member Jillian Lach said. “Not only does it help build responsibility, but it [has also] helped me meet new people and research and educate myself on a lot of things that I didn’t know about before.
Ruchi Sankolli, Reporter October 21, 2020

Shred For a Buck

Wrestling Booster Club President Jason Malmquist directs cars to the paper shredder and supervises the event. Malmquist considers the paper shredding fundraiser to be beneficial to both the wrestlers and the team, as personal connections are strengthened. “Other sports tend to do things a lot as a team,” Malmquist said. “In wrestling, we do have a team, such as team scoring. But this gives them a chance to bond, spend some time together, and it’s always fun to do something like this together. We think it’s important that the wrestlers are the ones raising the money. When they are here themselves, they actually have to come out and do something, and we think that [it’s] great that they put in [effort]for their own team.”
Ruchi Sankolli, Reporter October 19, 2020

From Hands-on to Cameras On

As a member of both Theatre Production and Musical Theatre, junior MJ Kelly has had to bring the usual theatre experience to her home. This year, with the separation between online and in-person students, many hands-on classes had to adjust to the new way of learning. “Theatre is still amazing, especially considering what we’re working with,” Kelly said. “But the lack of performances and shows, the main point of theatre, is making it a lot less [interactive] than usual. It’s just the way life is now in the pandemic.”
Morgan Kasel, Assistant Editor October 16, 2020

Giving Back One Step At a Time

Junior Celebrities captain Rylee Tonacao (last from left to right), poses and smiles with fellow participants at the Colon Cancer Walk. Tonacao and her teammates wish to continue giving back to the community and helping to resolve community issues.
Ruchi Sankolli, Reporter March 13, 2020

Celebrating Heritage and History

Student artwork displayed at LISD's Black History Art Show hosted by Glenn High School's Black Student Union. Junior Sophie Menendez placed second in the high school category with her piece of Louis Armstrong. 
“I am a huge jazz fan, and I listened to Armstrong, and other jazz icons like Aretha Franklin, as well as Ella Fitzgerald when I first moved to Austin,” Menendez said. “Their music helped me get through a difficult change in my life.
Emily Mahoney, Reporter February 27, 2020

Cheering for the Nation

With a strong stance, the varsity cheer team performs at state on Jan 16. Cheering at the their first National Cheer Championship and overall placing eighth in the nation, exceeded the team's expectations.
Ava Caldwell, Reporter February 20, 2020

Making An Impact

Seniors Jackie Castillo and Shivesh Razdan pose for a picture during their DEN presentation over Alzheimers. Each year, Health Occupations Students of America, also known as HOSA create a project where groups of students strive to create a lasting effect on the community through their research. This year for the annual HOSA project, senior Layla Ismail decided to use her project to create awareness of Alzheimers, and the link between classical music and the disease. “I think that we as the youth of our community need to educate ourselves since we will be the generation taking care of our parents and relatives who will later develop Alzheimers,” Ismail said. “It’s important for people in high school to get involved with the Alzheimer's community because it’s an extremely humbling experience. It allows you to realize how lucky you are to be exactly where you are in life currently.”
Kieren Garner, Reporter February 14, 2020

The Robolobos Are Back

Sophomore Barbara Sylvester smiles at the camera as she designs the drive train of the robot. The robotics team is working on a new robot for this build season.
Ruchi Sankolli, Reporter February 12, 2020

“A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder” Slideshow

Singing about the need for authenticity and honesty, senior Megan Magill, playing Phoebe D'syquith, performs in
Wolfpack Staff February 9, 2020

Cheer Rises To The Occasion

Varsity cheerleaders perform during the cheer regional competition on Oct. 17. After regionals, the team moved to the state competition where they placed fifth. “We know that fifth is in state is still an awesome rank, but just to know that our routine could’ve been better is still [disappointing],
Ava Caldwell, Reporter February 3, 2020
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