The Wolfpack

Little Firecracker

As her daughter, Aven Powell, pretends to be a CPHS News Reporter, AP Mitzi Powell smiles on the sidelines of Gupton Stadium in 2019. After three and a half years as assistant principal at CPHS, Powell is leaving to take the job as the district's Career Development Coordinator.
Estefani Rios, Editor-in-Chief December 16, 2020

Gen Z Takes on 2020 Election

Being eligible to vote this year, many seniors took the 2020 election as a way to have their voices heard. Some voted early from Oct.13 to Oct. 30 and others voted on general election day on Nov. 3. “I felt excited [to cast my vote] and I was hoping everyone who had not yet previously voted would go out and vote,” senior Maddy Helm said. “Every election is important, but [because of] the times our country is facing right now, I felt it was very important to cast my vote and to have my voice heard.”
Estefani Rios, Editor-in-Chief November 5, 2020

Shred For a Buck

Wrestling Booster Club President Jason Malmquist directs cars to the paper shredder and supervises the event. Malmquist considers the paper shredding fundraiser to be beneficial to both the wrestlers and the team, as personal connections are strengthened. “Other sports tend to do things a lot as a team,” Malmquist said. “In wrestling, we do have a team, such as team scoring. But this gives them a chance to bond, spend some time together, and it’s always fun to do something like this together. We think it’s important that the wrestlers are the ones raising the money. When they are here themselves, they actually have to come out and do something, and we think that [it’s] great that they put in [effort]for their own team.”
Ruchi Sankolli, Reporter October 19, 2020

Winning With Flying Colors

Containing their excitement, color guard poses for the camera after winning first place.
Lacie Perry, Reporter February 5, 2020

Crafts For Lives

A few birds nests that Debby Barne's Crochet group had made. Barnes had started a crochet group in order to help the displaced wildlife in Australia.
Ruchi Sankolli, Reporter January 20, 2020

Dance to Your Own Beat

Ally JohnPress, Reporter January 8, 2020

Choir Students Advance To Area

Choir students perform at the Fall concert on Oct. 8. Senior Lindsay Dove will be advancing to the State competition in January.
Kaley Johnson, Reporter December 16, 2019

FFA Advances to Area

Senior quiz team members hold a second place banner after their district LDE competition on Nov. 11. Competitions grow bonds junior senior quiz team member Skye Lindholm commented.
Ava Caldwell, Reporter December 10, 2019

Making Strides By Leaps And Bounds

The 2019-2020 Celebrities line up on the football sidelines after their halftime performance on Sept. 27. First year auditionee, freshman Emerald Charity Cox was able to earn a spot on the 2020-2021 Celebrities team. She said that throughout the four days of the process, her feelings varied. 
“My feelings definitely changed as each day came and went,” Cox said. “I was feeling excited on Monday, but on Thursday I was feeling a lot more nervous, [but] I was still feeling confident.”
Estefani Rios, Editor-in-Chief November 23, 2019

Students Not Soldiers

Ireland Weaver, Reporter November 20, 2019

All Girls Considered

Amelia Kaza, Reporter November 20, 2019
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