Amare Outreach Visits CP


Amare Outreach

LHS senior Jared Bouloy, co founder of the Amare Outreach program, visits nearby schools to talk to students about mental health.

Jordy Peterson, Reporter

During Den on Mar. 23, Leander High School’s Amare Outreach Program visited CP. Amare Outreach is a nonprofit organization founded by students Dana Pierce and Jared Bouloy last year. Amare Outreach was created to aid those who have been, or are currently struggling with a mental illness, eating disorder or abusive situations. With faculty sponsors and students from the Board of Directors, Pierce and Bouloy travel to nearby high schools to share personal stories and to urge their peers to get help for any issues they may be dealing with.

“The mission of Amare Outreach is to be advocates for survivors of abuse and mental illnesses,” Bouloy said. “We want everyone to know that you can find support and comfort with this group. If you cannot find support within the walls of your own home, our organization and the school counselors are here to protect and guide you.”

Two students from Leander shared their personal stories of depression, bulimia and self harm, then how they were able to overcome them. The speakers emphasized the importance of finding help, whether it be confiding in a friend, parent, relative, teacher or school counselor.

“Depression is an illness that needs to be treated, just like breast cancer or breaking your leg,” LHS senior Anna Gallagher said. “Just because mental illnesses cannot physically be seen, that does not mean that they aren’t there.”

Amare Outreach has created an online website dedicated to sharing their mission. The website also includes a forum, where students can anonymously ask questions that will be answered by counselors or the Board of Directors.

“I am full of holes, and I am sometimes weak, but I am now standing on my feet,” Pierce said. “I got the help that I needed, and now I am able to share my story before you all today.”

Christina Hollander, one of the guidance counselors at CP, has introduced “Coloring with Counselors” to the campus. On Wednesdays during Den, students can sit in the counselor’s office and destress by coloring, listening to music, talking and eating snacks.

“We understand that AP classes and school can be very stressful,” Hollander said. “It’s very important that you manage your stress and take care of yourself so that you can stay happy and healthy. All students are welcome to come talk to us (the counselors), and we are always more than happy to help you.”