Battle of the Ballot

Student Council Voting Closes Tonight


Isaiah Prophet

The official 2022 student council election polls are now posted. The officers have been campaigning since March 14th and results will be counted over the weekend. “I am excited about what directions this is sending our organization,” Babich said. “it really is a testimate to what I hope this organization will lead in the future.”

Isaiah Prophet, Reporter

It’s that time of year again, and voting season is just around the corner. Cedar Park High School’s best and brightest are stepping up to the ballot to compete for the favor of our peers, which is why Student Council sponsor, Adam Babich believes it’s more important than ever to understand the growing importance of the student council and the effect that voting in these elections will have on our school community. 

“This year I made the decision to separate the student council from the school dances,” Babich said. “Student council used to be largely an organization that put on the homecoming dance and prom. And while our officers are able to join the dance committee next year, because the student council no longer has that responsibility, we are now able to be what I always wanted it to be and what the students want, which is a place for students to bring the voices and concerns of their classmates to a level where things can be done about it.”

The elections are taking place today for students, and mark a new beginning in implementing student lead ideas into the forefront of school policy. Students and faculty will be able to work together to make CPHS a more comfortable environment, according to Babich.

“We are now a student advocacy organization,” Babich said. “We want to see organization, we want to do service to the school, we want to be in leadership, we want to unite the clubs. So you can think of the student council as some of the glue that brings clubs together, that allows students to voice their concerns and provide leadership opportunities.”

The chambers of elections will be split into two sectors; the executive board and class officers and each chamber will preside over their respective issues regarding school policy. Currently, there are a total of 12 candidates running for the executive board and 11 candidates running for the class officer positions.

“I think [The Elections] raise awareness of students’ ability to voice their concerns to their officers,” Babich said. “One of the things we will be doing next year is having regular communication between the officers and administration,  so that there’s a continual pipeline of communication. The elections today are teaching the kids about an election process, and after tonight they will learn what it means to be gracious winners and gracious losers which is a skill I think they need in this world.” 

The polls are open in 9th, 10th and 11th grade “Class of” google classrooms until 11:59 pm tonight. After the polls close, he along with the candidates will review the votes over this weekend and Babich will announce the winners on google classroom on Monday.