The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

Isaiah Prophet

Isaiah Prophet, Reporter

Isaiah is a senior and a third year reporter. In his free time he enjoys cooking while listening to music and watching good horror movies. Fun fact, he is the middle child of five other sisters. He enjoys writing about social issues as well as worldly news. After high school he plans to attend the University of Texas at Austin for business.

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This new film marks the 13th Batman film to date. Considering its $600 million sale value at the box office, the movie is guaranteed to go down as one of the best films in the series. Only time will tell if this new generation will continue to carry the Batman name high on its shoulders.


March 22, 2022
With talks of Russian invasion of Ukraine, as well as possible U.S involvement, it makes me wonder what drives these men to conflict and how much longer younger generations will be forced to pay for it.

Not My Problem

February 15, 2022
Junior Amani Graham takes to the skies in the hundred meter hurdles. This was the varsity girls first meet of the season and they faced off against Leander and Rouse. I was really focused on not screwing up, Graham said. I made sure to pull my trail leg down to make my next steps to the next hurdle. form is very important for all running events, but especially for hurdles.

One Stride at a Time

February 11, 2022
The trailers for Sing 2 brought great promises for a fun and comical film. However, after the first thirty minutes it was clear where the film was heading. I just hope this franchise wont be back anytime soon.

A Furry Fever Dream

January 23, 2022
Junior Kelly Tabor sews together fabric for an upcoming 
fashion design. Tabor has had an interest in fashion since she was young and started designing her own t-shirts in her freshman year. I really like to wear my own designs, Tabor said. So I decided to join fashion design to strengthen my designing skills. The pieces I create for fashion design are usually inspired by my own interests such as movies and songs that I feel a strong connection or appreciation for.

The Trade Brigade

December 17, 2021
As winners of the  BeYOUtiful Tournament on Nov. 13, the varsity team smiles with their medals. After earning a state title last year for the first time in school and district history, the team has their sights on winning again this year. “The two main goals this season is another district championship and another run at state with high hopes to repeat,” junior Molly Ly said. “I think our teams strongest attribute is our ability to play selflessly and our ability to play hard. We do an awesome job of sharing the ball, and we always go one hundred percent even if we are up by 20.”

Taking Their Shot

November 18, 2021
Clear, healthy, blemish-free skin is promoted all the time in the media. But instructions on how to achieve this standard are all too often left out. Understanding how the skin works is important to understanding how best to maintain it.

The Fuss About Puss

November 17, 2021
Preparing a power serve, Clifton serves during the second set. The team won this match against Leander, which was their second game into districts. My mindset when Im in a match is to be focused, but still have fun, Clifton said. its important to be loud and cheer, but also stay concentrated. find a good balance of having fun and enjoying the game, but also know when to get serious and get it together.

Spikeball Brawl

October 14, 2021
Serving a power shot in the second match, senior Ganesh Sadasivan plays at the home game against Rouse. Sadasivan began playing tennis in the sixth grade  and has played competitively ever since. I go into each match looking to win, Sadasivan said. I come with the mindset that Im ready to play, and Im ready to play to my fullest.

Power Shot to the Top

October 4, 2021

2021 Remake

September 13, 2021
In the original 1992 film, this scene depicted Candy Man as graffiti on the wall. In this film graffiti can be seen throughout the Cabrini Green community.

Say His Name

September 13, 2021

1992 Original

September 13, 2021
Illustrated above is a painting depicting a howling T-Wolf in the library. The yearly artwork created by students is displayed in the library. Art is something that moves me, Deruiter said. During the club meetings my favorite art activities are acrylic pours, tiny paintings and free drawing.

Get With the Pack

August 31, 2021
Summer is a time for fun, warm weather and spending time with family and friends. I cant wait to finally be able to see more people this summer, junior Sarah Johnson said. I havent really been able to see my family as much as I wanted too due to COVID, why is why this summer will be special.

Suntime Funtime

May 25, 2021
Next to hurdles, senior Erika Arthur poses during a team photoshoot. Arthurs main events, are the hurdles as well as distance events. I had the best time running with my teammates, Arthur said. It makes your accomplishments that much better when you have people to support you.

The It Girl

May 19, 2021
President Joe Biden has only been in office for a few weeks, but he has already made major changes and promises to our country. Only time will tell how his presidency will play out. regardless its important for students and youth to stay updated and informed.

Biden’s Action Plan

February 12, 2021
Looking ahead, junior Nick Grullon runs the hurdles at the track meet on Feb. 3. Due to Coronavirus.  the  amount of teams allowed at the meet were restricted, however the new changes dont deter his passion for track.  I enjoy track because its an opportunity to grow mentally and physically Grullon said. I stay in shape by eating healthy and maintaining my training regimen.

On The Run

February 10, 2021
Wonder Woman played by Gal Gadot. Reporter Isaiah Prophet reviews Wonder Woman 1984 and discusses its strengths and weaknesses.

“Wonder Woman 1984”

January 22, 2021
This is what school looks like to over 93% of students according to However the long term mental effects that virtual learning poses to students can have negative consequences according to junior Kylie Scheible. I never thought this is how Id be spending my year. Scheible said. A lot has changed since last year and for the most part it hasnt been that great.

More than a Grade

December 18, 2020
Then freshman, Erica Shepherd performed at the 2017 Holiday show. I love getting up to perform, it brings me happiness to give it my all and enjoy my hard work, Shepherd said.

The Life of a Celebrity

December 17, 2020
On beat, the drumline performs under the Gupton Stadium lights. This year, competition at the Lonestar Classic for the drumline looked different due to COVID restrictions. We had to adapt to make our performance work this year more than ever, Thompson said. Nevertheless they still managed to pull a first place victory.

Give Me a Beat

December 16, 2020
With this fall series, reporter Isaiah Prophet shines some light on the effort and work that goes into the different elements of horror films as well as some trade secrets. 

Blood Sweat and Tears

October 19, 2020
This sign was created by a group of Wisconsin women. Now the sign is a nationwide symbol for justice. I felt the need to attend [the protest] because I was getting aggravated with what the news was saying Carter said. I wanted to make a change for real.

Protest For Peace

October 2, 2020
Speaking into the microphone, government teacher Jennifer Fortenberry addresses upperclassmen on Jan. 30 at the voter registration rally. Fortenberry organized the rally in order to reinforce the significance of voting. “It’s very important that the younger generations vote,” Fortenberry said. “A lot of the decisions that are being made now are going to be affecting them the most, whether it’s about the environment, or social security, or college, or whatever the issue may be those issues are going to be impacting this generation for their entire lives.”

Your Vote Is Your Voice

February 17, 2020
The box used to collect items for the drive. this was desigmned by every member of the club according to Shipps and there were several prototypes as well. We have all grown super close. Carter said.  I feel that we have gotten to know each other much better and as a result we are much stronger.

Hearts for the Homeless

December 20, 2019
Running at a steady pace, sophomore Xanthe Sparkman competes at the XC meet on Oct. 18. In addition to being a runner, Sparkman is also a model and artist. It was my brother who really inspired me to do the sport and try my best, Sparkman said. So I started running in middle school and I got very good because [of] my hard work and dedication.

Shoutout to my X

December 5, 2019
 Running down the basketball court, sophomore Landon Langseth attempts to score a shot during the three on three tournament Oct. 26. I love to compete, its a team effort to win games and I love being able to beat the competition, Langseth said.

Dunking For Dough

October 28, 2019
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The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School
Isaiah Prophet